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At Lake Charles Filtration, we serve as your trusted manufacturer and supplier of top-quality screen filters in the Houston, TX area. Our comprehensive selection of screen filters covers a variety of types, each expertly designed to enhance filtration performance in various applications. Whether you need extruder screens, carbon bed filter, tower support screen, or H2S Scavenger, we have you covered.

Versatile Screen Filter Solutions

From catalyst support screens to sand screens and hot gas filtration elements, Lake Charles Filtration is your source for a diverse array of screen filters built to meet the unique requirements of different industries and processes. Whether you need filter beds, extruder and polymer screens, tower and tray parts, or demister pads, our comprehensive range of screen filters ensures efficient filtration and high-level performance.

Efficient Filtration for Superior Results

Our screen filters are engineered to deliver exceptional filtration efficiency, effectively capturing and eliminating contaminants from gas and liquid streams. Whether you're removing sand particles from water, purifying hot gases, or filtering catalysts in chemical processes, our screen filters provide effective filtration solutions for a wide array of applications. With their high-quality construction and precise design, our screen filters ensure reliable performance and superior results. Whether it’s extruder screens, a tower support screen, H2S Scavenger, or carbon bed filter, look no further than Lake Charles Filtration.

Trusted Screen Filter Brands

We work with leading brands known for their innovation and reliability in filtration technology. Our selection screen filter solutions include products from reputable manufacturers such as Industrial Filters, Johnson Screens, Reactor Internals, DWT, Extruder Screens, Polymer Filters, and Hot Gas Filtration Elements. With these trusted brands, you can depend on the performance, durability, and longevity of our screen filters.

Get Screen Filter Solutions

Optimize your filtration processes with the premium screen filters we offer at Lake Charles Filtration in Houston, TX. To learn more about how these filters can enhance your processes, give us a call today at 337.433.7896 or reach out through our contact form.

Our Brands Include:

  • Johnson Screens and DWT
    • Industrial Filters
    • Reactor Internals
    • Extruder Screens
    • Polymer Filters
    • Catalyst Support Screens
    • Hot Gas Filtration Elements
  • Jonell